Single & Dual Voltage Electric Chain Block Trolley Hoist with Motorized, Plain or Geared Trolley

Keyword:Electric Chain Block Trolley Hoist   Time:2019-2-21 19:26:19

 If you have a heavy object to lift, and you don’t feel that a manual chain hoist is capable of doing the job properly, then it might be time to consider electric chain hoist instead. This electric hoist has a number of benefits, including more power and ease of use. It can make lifting even massive weights nice and easy, and is useful for mechanics, those working in construction, and many other industries.
The electric chain hoist features a mechanism for winding the chain, as well as a hook to which you will attach the load that you need to lift. Most of the time, the machine is easily portable and will feature clamps that it will use to attach to an overhead structure when in use. It also features a control panel, which is generally easy enough that you can use it with a single hand. You can raise or lower the item you are lifting very simply, and you can do so slowly so you don’t damage it at all.
The lifting and traveling mechanism of RAMHOIST Electric Lifting Tool Hoist with Electric Trolley are all electric. The operator can move them by control handle.

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 The Electric Chain Hoist was developed for handling loads quickly and safely with only one hand, which is based on the lifting unit of the chain hoist and the control unit. Thanks to the control unit which is rigidly connected to the load handling attachment, the operator only needs one hand to operate the hoist and guide the load.