Cheap Lifting Winch Electric Winch Motor Driven Chain Hoist 1t, 2t, 3t, 3t, 7, 5t, 10t

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Electric chain hoists are used in a wide range and are mainly used in large factories, warehouses, wind power generation, logistics, docks, construction and other industries. They are used for lifting or loading and unloading cargo, and can also be used to lift heavy objects to facilitate work or repair machine. Electric chain hoists are operated by the operator with the buttons on the ground. They can also be operated in the control room or wired (wireless) remote control. The electric chain hoist can be fixed and used, and it can also be equipped with electric monorail trolleys and hand-push/pull-out monorail trolleys. the hoist will keep balance whenever on work or off work, and the hoist can move smoothly, stably and safely due to the special design.

Our electric chain hoist is super quality with economic price, it's produced according to CE, GS standard, the shape is very similar with Japan kito model, we have both single speed and double speed.

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 1. Do not move the hoist around by cable.

 2. Without the permission of the manufacturer, the numeric value and the regulator of the safety components shall not be altered.

 3. Do not repair or modify the lifting hoist without the manufacturer's authorization.

 4. Do not use the hoist to drag or pull the object.

 5. Do not touch the moving parts.

 6. Do not let lifting hoist suffer severe vibration.

 7. Do not distract the operator when operating the hoist.

 8. If not necessary, do not let the load hanging.

 9. Do not operate lifting hoist with unlicensed power supply (under voltage or overvoltage, no phase).

 10. If there is any dangerous operation or if there is a problem with the hoist (abnormal noise or unusual operation, etc.), please notify the maintenance personnel for maintenance.

 11. Do not pull the load slanted.

 12. Do not use unnecessary control (avoid using the button frequently), otherwise it will cause the hoist to overheat and even damage.

 13. The chain should be lubricated regularly (seven days for a period).