Good Quality 2t, 3t, 5t Fixed Type or Beam Trolley Electric Chain Block Crane Hoist with Overload Protection

Keyword:chain electric hoist   Time:2019-2-21 20:38:59

 RM chain electric hoist keeps the features of chain hoist's light and convenient, and improves the disadvantages of chain hoist such as manual operation and the slow lifting speed.
 It takes Japanese KITO technology, with advantage of compact structure, light weight, high efficiency, convenient use, simple maintenance.
 It could be used in the lifting, loading and unloading the goods in slow speed and short trip, installing equipment or repairing equipment in mines and project construction, hoisting goods etc.
 Electric chain hoist with manual trolley or  electric trolley is a small light lifting equipment. Its travelling trolley controlled by manual or electric, which are installed on a suspended I-steel, curve track, jib crane rail and fixed lifting hoisting heavy weights. Normally, electric chain hoist lifting capacity:0.5~50tons, lifting height:3~130m,lifting speed: customized,   power supply:220~690V,50/60HZ,one or two or three phase, also can be customized according to your demands.
 It is safe, reliable. You can use assuredly.

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