Top Grade 3 Ton Single Phase or Three Phase fixed type Hanging Electric Chain Hoists for sale

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 1. We are professional manufacturer of  electric chain hoist 
 2. Capacity from 0.25T to  25T 
 3. All the products have passed CE  certification 
 4. High quality and competitive price
 5. Aluminum alloy shell, light but hard
 6. G80 alloy steel chain, can be used in poor  environment 
 7. Hook: be hot forged with perfect  strength, hard to break 
 8. Warranty: 1 year
 9. First-class of after-sales  service
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 Detailed description
 Support frame:The loading support frame  consists of two steel plates which is extremely sturdy
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 Transformer:24/36V transformer device forbid  unexpected accidents such as electric leakage.
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 Electromagnetic contactor:It can use safely  under high frequency
 Phase protect device: It won't work when error wiring  connecting by the end user to keep safe
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Control button: IP 54 protection on electric hoist for  dust and water proof protection.36V control

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Package and Delivery

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