2 Ton 380V Construction Gear Electric Chain Hoist with Manual push pull beam Trolley

Keyword:Construction Gear Electric Chain Hoist   Time:2019-2-22 10:48:00

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Product name

Best quality 5 ton kito electric chain hoist with hook

Power supply

3phase 220V ~690V

Control method 

wireless remote control / pendant control

Hoist body material

high strength aluminum alloy

Braking system

Mechanical side magnetic brake


forged hook with safety latches

Load chain

Chinese G80 alloy steel chain/ Japan chain

Working grade


Control voltage

24V/36V/48V optional

Solution grade


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 *Capacity 5T.
 *Light weight, compact and solid body case. 
 *Gear assembly to be efficient for operation.
 *High efficient energy-saving motor, asbestos free brake system.
 *Drop forged hooks and hook holders to ensure superior quality and safety
 *Phase error relay, a specially designed current-post, prevents motor from running at incorrect wire connection.
 *Limit switch devices fitted at both top & bottom ends, switch off power automatically to prevent load chain from running out.
 *CE&GS certified.

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