Single Voltage or Dual Voltage Crane Electric Chain Engine Trolley Hoist with Competitve Price

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RM electric chain hoist, adopts the new trend of quadrate  style; The high-strength aluminum alloy shell, is featured by aesthetic appearance, lightweight, strong corrosion resistance, which can adopting higher working level, and smaller hook spacing. The unique friction clutch type load  limit device can effectively prevent overloading and over-hoist. The original cylindrical rotor - cone brake wheel motor is with low noise, reliable brake, realizing longer working life. We introducing foreign advanced rope guide, applying double-direction lifting height limiter, safe and reliable; The electrical components with high quality control, low failure rate; easy to disassembly and maintenance, fully comply with the newly international standards.
The chain hoist series was designed for heavy duty industrial applications, which greatly reduce down time and operational costs. (N)RM chain hoists tolerate large loads with ease and require little maintenance. They provide more allowance for side pulling, and provide true vertical lift at no extra cost.

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Advantages : 
   1. Full aluminum die-cast body and electronic magnetic brake 
   2. Cooling fan for motor and Inverter optional.
   3.Safety clutch for overload protection
   4.Japan chain, Germany Schneider contactor 
   5.Working grade M5 and quality can compete with DEMAG and KITO

Detailed description

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 Motor: Work class F insulation. Duty rating:45%.Aluminum alloy motor with light weight and  good heat dissipation to allow up 30minof continuous duty work at least.
 Gear: All the gearing process by CNC Digital lathe with heat treating

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Shell: Made of light aluminum alloy shell, Light & hard. The cooling fin is especially designed to ensure quick heat dissipationwith the rate up to 45% and continuous service. The integral enclosed structure is applicable to places like chemical plate andelectroplate factory

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 Side magnetic braking device: The magnetic orce generator is the lastest design which is featured for generating magnetic force. It allowsinstant brake cut off electric power asap. Keep the braking safety while loading is guaranteed
 Limit switch :The limit switch automatically stop the hoist overlifting or overlowering
 Chain: FEC JAPAN made G-80 super alloy steel chain.Heat treated to used in harsh environments .

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Hook: Hot fored with perfect strength and tough with saftey latch on the top & bottom hook. Bottom hook swivels through 360°
Package and delivery

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