5ton Single Phase or Three Phase Overhead Crane Electric Powered Chain Pull Lift Hoist

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  0.5ton electric chain hoist with electric trolley
 1. Light aluminum alloy shell
 2. Inverse phase sequence protecting device
 3. Side magnetic braking side
 4. Light, durable chain bag
 5. Imported FEC80 ultra-treated steel alloy chain
 6. Limit Switch.
 7.Clutch as emergency overload protection

Product name

RM mini NEW Hook 0.5,1,2,2.5,3,5T Electric Scaffolding Chain Hoist for sale




bule, red, balck, customized color acceptable

Payment    term

T/T 30% deposit, 70% after B/L copy


    1.The motor brake is with 30-min work rating .
     2.Operating voltage 220-440V, 50/60Hz, 3 phase
     3.High tensile alloy cover offers strong corrosion resistance.
     4.It can protect itself from overload and low-load.
     5.Phase error relay to prevent mortor from running at incorrect wire connection.
     6.Top and bottom hooks are fitted with safety latches as standard.
     7.Limit switch devices fitted at both top & bottom ends, switch off power automatically to prevent load chain from running out.

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 • Our Single Phase or Three Phase Overhead Crane Electric Powered Chain Pull Lift Hoist adopt the whole aluminum body, which improve the anti-corrosion degree and heat dissipation effects of the hoist, the product has beautiful appearance, small size and light body.
 • The fan motor has unique radiating fin and fan cover to adapt to high frequency users as well as long time use.
 • Our machine is equipped with safety clutch and up and down limit switch to prevent the accidents under the abnormal load. The safety clutch can stop the harms to the body and load chain under overload.
 • The limit switch can prevent the damages to body and load chain under over-winding.
 • The limit switch adopt the electric device, and high sensitivity, minimizing the hook gap distance, it constitutes the double security mechanism.

Detailed display
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