High performance single speed 1 ton 2 ton 5 ton 380v 3phase electric chain hoist

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Introduction of electric hoist
   Electric Chain Hoists are efficient lifting devices for handling loads from 125 to 3500 kg, which are suitable for light machine shop fabricating, assembly, storage, warehousing, service and maintenance. They are widely used in steel  warehouses, machine shops, fabricating plants and mills, and foundries. They are also suitable for manual or automatic cycling operations in heat treating and plating.

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Different types of electric hoist
 10 ft, 15 ft, 20 ft Lift Electric Hook Mounted Chain Hoists featuring a control cord attached to a central load hook, are operated by an electric motor, which provide precise load positioning and easy-to-use controls, even with awkward loads. Choose from single or double speed models.
 10 ft, 15 ft, 20 ft Lift Electric Motorized Trolley Chain Hoists ride along cast-iron guides for smooth operation, The motorized trolleys have drop stops, rubber bumpers, and 4 ball-bearing-supported rollers.
 10 ft, 15 ft, 20 ft Lift Electric Push Trolley Chain Hoists designed with a unique load sheave help to provide additional mobility when moving heavy loads, The increased number of pockets help reduce chain vibration and increase chain  life, along with a trolley on which the hoist rides. The trolleys feature all-steel wheels with sealed ball bearings, Die-cast aluminum construction, Friction clutch, Oil bath lubrication, Chain container included.
 10 ft, 15 ft, 20 ft Lift Electric Geared Trolley Chain Hoists include chain hoists operated by an electric motor. The hoists ride along the trolleys, and include quick disconnect plugs on the pendants and power cords.
 10 ft, 15 ft, 20 ft Lift Electric Hook Mounted Theatre Chain Hoists, These theatrical chain hoists are designed for handling stage and theatrical equipment. They feature sleek, round bodies with no sharp edges, and each features a grease-packed gear box, Chain container and plug-and-play voltage charger are included.

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Thing needing to know
 RAMHOIST offers many different types, capacities, lifts, and options for electric chain hoists  which offer the best option for lifting 35-tons or less. When selecting an electric hoist you need to determine the voltage or power supply (single  phase or 3-phase), capacity, lift (length of chain), suspension (hook, geared  trolley, motorized trolley), pendant control length (length of push button controller), duty cycle, hoist speed, trolley speed, and beam size. Electric  chain hoists can also be configured with a weatherproofing option for the use of the hoist in an outdoor environment, a spark resistant option or a stainless steel option for the use of the hoist in a food grade environment. Once you determine your electric chain hoist specifications, you can see which manufacturers meet your requirements so you are able to buy the best product at the best price.

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