110V-690V 5 Ton Single Girder Overhead Crane Electric Engine Chain Hoist with Trolley

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RAMHOIST Low speed electric chain hoist is a new type lifting equipment with the advantages of light weight and small volume. It is an ideal facility for lifting, transportation, loading and unloading goods. This group of products is applicable to the hanging, climbing frame high-rise building. It is extensively used in machining workshops, warehouses, docks, construction line, and shops of various production lines. Being applied in narrow working places, it is exceptionally flexible, convenient and of high efficiency.

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CPT electric chain hoists are made from strong alloy iron and processed by strict inspection adopt completely enclosed design and the entire mechanism for providing the most comfortable operation and performance. CPT electric chain hoists have a good reputation for excellent in design with many years for proven reliability and extensive operating range. All the CPT electric hoists adopt plastic plating through using advanced plastic technology inside and outside that it looks like a new one after years of operation a testing.

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Detailed description
Shell: adopt aluminum alloy, solid and light weight. Features fast heat dissipation, continuous use, efficiency up to 40%. Integral closed structure, can be used in chemical plant, electroplating plant and other places.
Magnetic brake: the latest design of magnetic generator, its characteristics for magnetic production. The brake can be stopped at the same time when the power supply is cut off to ensure the safety of the brake during lifting.
Chain: imported FEC80 super-heated alloy steel chain. Safe use in rain water, sea water, chemicals and other hazardous conditions.

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Limit switch: there are limit switch devices in both the upper and lower parts of the crane to make it stop automatically to prevent the chain from exceeding and ensure safety.

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Hook: forged by heat, excellent strength, not easy to break. The hook can be 360° rotation, attach safety tongue, to ensure safe operation.

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Support frame: the support frame is composed of two pieces of steel plate, which is very strong.
Electromagnetic contactor: high efficiency electromagnetic contactor, can be used at high frequency, no problem.
Transformer: 24V/36V transformer. Operation, in case of electricity leakage, can prevent accidents, rain, can ensure safe use.
Button switch: use waterproof button switch, light and durable.
Reverse phase protection device: special wire device, when the power connection is wrong, the control circuit cannot operate.

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The CPT electric chain hoists are widely used in: moulds, machinery manufacturing, logistics, shipbuilding, warehousing, bridge construction and other industrial factories production lines and other special purposes.

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