New Design Wireless Remote Control Double Brake Electric Chain Monorail Hoist

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   Feature of Compact electric chain hoist
   1.Hoist upper hook design has: dynamic loading and static loading.

   2.Hoist hook can be rotated 360 °

   3.If the chain reverse lifting, hoist motor will automatically stop.

   4.When the limit stop hit the stopper, the hoist will automatically stop.

   5.380V industrial power operation, the power cord is plug-in, easy to use.

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Detailed description

1. Motor brake

Adopt advanced magnetic cone brake which provides reliable stopping

2. Chain guide

High quality design provides smooth and quiet guiding of the lifting chain

3. Heavy duty motor

Squirrel cage parallel rotor motor; Cooling fins reduces the temperature of hoist and keep it working; The IP 55 protection can withstand demanding enviroment

4. Load chain

Carburizing chain or FEC chain is heat-treated for long life and endures harsh conditions

5. Hook:

Hot forged high tensile steel which is rigid and durable, safety latch is fitted to ensure safety lifting

6. Push button pendant

Water-Proof and insulated, provides light and durable switching controls.

7. Phase error relay to prevent mortor from running at incorrect wire connection

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Compared with CD MD wire rope electric hoist, CPT chain electric hoist has the following advantages:

This china electric chain hoist are widely used in mould, machinery manufacturing, logistics, shipbuilding, warehousing, bridge construction and other industries and factories and other special uses  

It is with small limit size, light weight, high reliability, high working level, good safety performance and low failure rate, The chain in the sprocket operation is not easy to fall off or job-hopping, more stable use, low working noise, strong overload capacity, effective braking torque.

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