500kg 1000kg New Three Phase Hanging Electric Chain Lifting Hoist for Sale

Keyword:CPT Electric Chain Hoists   Time:2019-4-12 12:11:00

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RAMHOIST electric chain hoists' Feature

 1.Advanced structure, remarkable frame

 2.Driven by the plate type braking motor and decelerated by the reducer

 3.Small, light, effcient, convenient, reliable to brake and easy to maintain which is enjoying high popularity in the world for improving efficiency and saving labor.

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CPT electric chain hoists adopt Japanese Hitachi technology. And Hitachi's fame in quality, reliability, performance and design has made this brand famous all over the world, and become a global market leader. The main components of CPT electric chain hoists are all made of high-class alloy steel with high precision and security, including the motor, dual brake system, gears, rotating parts and electrical system which can be operated under different situations even in the severe conditions. Also, CPT electric chain hoists are equipped with disc type electromagnetic brake system and contactor for extended longevity and great durability. What's more, the surface of CPT electric chain hoists is 3 layers of staving varnishing painting by best painting technic to keep shining and durable. Furthermore, every unit of electric hoist is equipped with electro-mechanical overload limiting functions, which absolutely ensure the operations' safety. And all models are designed and manufactured to completely comply with the top chinese standard which is similar to AS1418.2.

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CPT chain electric hoist installation method
First, install the chain box;
Next, connect the power cord
When connecting the power cord, the power must be cut off in advance. The ground wire should be well grounded at the same time, otherwise the operator may feel electric shock when touching any part of the hoist or chain.
Third, lubrication ring chain electric hoist load chain
Timely and effective lubrication of the load chain ensures the effective life of the chain, since the lubrication degree of the chain is an important factor affecting the service life of the load chain.
Fourth, check the chain arrangement
Should ensure that the lower hook frame is not overturned for multi-row chain endless chain electric hoist, If flipped, return it to its normal state and ensure that the welding joints of the chain are lined up. Do not hang the load on the chain twisted hoist.
Finally, check the working voltage
Because the chain electric hoist factory, is the user specified voltage or high voltage equipment (only for double voltage), such as 230/460v, need to check the wiring and confirm whether to meet the requirements of the power supply voltage. If not, please refer to the manual for correction to meet the required operating voltage requirements.