Dhk Type High Speed Endless 3m 1ton 2ton 3ton 5ton 10ton Electric Chain Lifting Hoist Lifting Block

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Nanjing Ram Machinery Co.,Ltd. is mainly engaged in all kinds of hoist, such as electric hoist, chain blocks, lever hoist, winch, pallet truck, jack, trolley, lifting belt, lifting chain, magnetic lifter, pulley etc. and all kinds of accessories, with high quality and low price.

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Nanjing Ram Machinery Co.,Ltd. specialized in R&D, production and marketing, products covering high-quality lifting tools, webbing sling and other lifting equipment with features of various styles, complete specifications and large scale. Our products are widely applied in household, outdoor traveling, aerospace, military, manufacturing and construction industries.
Nanjing Ram Machinery Co.,Ltd. differs from other traditional manufacturers and trading company. On one hand, we have professional R&D team which can research cost-effective and hot-selling products, catering to various customer demands in different market. On the other hand, with hundreds of tested products, CE certificates, advanced design, strong package and high-efficiency logistics system, we can satisfy our clients around the world.

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1. Shell

It is made of stell shell, light but hard.

2 .Limit switch

The limit switch device is installed where the weight is lifted on and off to make the motor to stop automatically so as to prohibit the chains from exceeding for safety.

3. Chain

The chain shall adopt the imported FEC80 ultra heat-treatable aluminum alloy chain.
It can be safely used in poor environments such as rain sea water and chemicals.

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4. Hook

It is hot forging with perfect strength that is hard to break.The operation safety of the lower hook is ensured by its 360 degrees rotation and safety tongue piece. 

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5. Support frame

The loading support frame consists of two steel plates,which is extremely sturdy.

6. Transformer

24V/36V transformer deveice .The deveice is used to prohibit unexpected accidents caused by electric leakage and guarantees the safe uses while raining.

7. Electromagnetic contactor

Electromagnetic contactor can be used safely under high frequency.

8. Inverse phase sequence protecting device

It is the special electrical installation which controls the circuit not to work in case of wiring error in the power supply.

9. Push botton

Waterproof push botton is applied.It is light and durable.

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10. Standard fittings

Chain bag(1),control cable (3m),push button switch(1)

11. Outstanding Service

We can provide not only amazing products,but also special ones designed at requests. We'll do our best to meet the need of customers.

12. Packaging and dlivery detail

Cartons or wooden cases, on pallets, and we can also make the packing according to buyers' request
15 day after payment

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