Dhp Industry Light Weight 1 Ton 380V Group Hoisting Electric Construction Pull Lift Chain Sling Hoist with Hook

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  DHP Low speed electric chain hoist is a new type of lifting equipment with the advantages of light weight and small volume. It is an ideal facility for lifting, transportation, loading and  unloading goods. This group of products is applicable to the hanging, climbing frame high-rise building. It is extensively used in machining workshops, warehouses, docks, construction line, and shops of various production lines. Being applied in narrow working places, it is exceptionally flexible, convenient and of high efficiency. 
 DHP electric chain hoists are newly designed on the basis of HSZ type block, which are driven by the plate braking motor and decelerated by the reducer. They adopt electromechanical integration design, replace different molds, and can suppress different specifications of wire rope which is simple and safe. DHP electric chain hoists make up the shortcomings of the bulky weight of wire rope electric hoists, which are composed of an electric motor, a transmission mechanism and a sprocket. Besides, the wire rope is changed into a chain with the biggest difference between the wire rope and the electric hoist. In addition, the  lifting weight is generally 0.5 to 60 tons and the lifting height is 3~120 meters. The length of chain also can be customized, which has the purpose of completely meeting the customers' different requirements.

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 1. It's energy saving, safe and reliable. Besides, it's easy to operate and maintenance
 2. It's widely used in factories, mines, bridges, construction and other working places for material handling, equipment installation, etc.
 3. It's especially suitable for high-rise building construction and welding storage tank with a number of crane.
 4. The DHP product has compact structure, small value, light weight and high efficiency.
 5. The product is with  high quality and reasonable price.
 6. Double cover protection.
 7. Anti-friction ball bearings.
 8. Unique hand wheel cover for guiding hand chain at any angle.
 9. Zinc plated hand chain as standard.
 10. Heavy duty
 11. Capacity range: 0.5t-10t.Higher capacities available upon request 
 12. High robust construction with one piece suspension frame.
 13. Fully machined lift wheel and fully enclosed gear train.
 14. Fully forged hooks are fitted with safety swivel hook latches as standard.

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 Our advantage:
 a) Cooperate with CSIC(China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Corporation) , we more professional on marine industry.
 b) We provide sample for examing and testing before confirm the order;
 c) Once production finished, your sales manager will accompany with you inspection in the factory;
 d) Sales provide you 18hr online service; Engineer online service time are 10:00-16:00 (GMT+8);
 e) We have a long-term agreement with out manufacturer, means that our prices are more competitive.
 f) Quality and price we also concern like you, we never sale shoddy. 

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 Quality guaranty:
 1. The quality of our hoists would be guaranteed for one year, in this period, if any quality problem happens under correct operation, we will be responsible for repairing of replacing it for free.
 2. Low charge for maintenance when warranty is expired.