Material Handling Equipment Dhs Type 1ton Low Price Electric Endless Gear Box Chain Hoist for Construction Building Lifting Use 1-50 Ton

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  DHS series electric chain hoists are the most famous hoists developed and made in china. They are with small volume, reasonable design, remarkable frame, advanced structure, great wear resistance, big tenacity, easy maintenance and durability.

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 DHS Electric Chain Hoist is designed by using the latest technology, which is a high quality, low headroom and full-featured hoist. RAMHOIST electric chain hoists provide reliable daily performance in both routine and severe workplace environments.

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 1.Electric chain hoist has Carburize chain, stronger and durable.

 2. Both single and double speed are available

 3. Rated loading Capacity: 0.5t-10t

 4. Lifting speed: 2.5-1 m/min

 5. Equipped with cooling fan

 6. Mechanical load brake and chain gear for decelerating


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