12V 3ton 5ton Portable Lifting Dhs Series Lift 6m Fixed Electric Chain Motor Hoist/Chain Electric Block with Hook

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DHS Electric Chain Hoistsare tools for simple portable electric lifting, which are quite suitable for many different places and occasions for installation of equipment, loading and unloading. They are new type of lifting equipment, which have the function of lifting the loads with the least force. DHS Electric Chain Hoists manufacturers here has a long history for producing. DHS electric chain hoists improve the disadvantage of manual operation and low speed, and also easy to carry as the chain blocks. What's more, they are equipped with the advantage of compact structure, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, being easy to use and guard. DHS electric chain hoists are with good quality and low price, safe and reliable.

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DHS electric chain hoists are designed and manufactured on the basis of advanced technology imported from foreign countries referring to the technical conditions of JB5317.2-91 ring chain electric hoists. There are two forms of single speed and double speed lifting. They are usually installed on the overhead I-steel or H type steel track, and can be suspended in a fixed hanger or special hoists, and can also be hoisted with an electric single beam crane and a rotary arm. They are widely used in transportation and installation of heavy objects in 1t to 20t.

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