1ton 2ton 2.5ton 3ton 5ton Explosion Proof Anti-Explosion Suspend Hook Electric Powered Construction Lift Chain Hoist Block

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Explosion-proof electric hoist chain adopts advanced transmission structure, and most of the axial motor three hanger assembly integration, this structure is not only convenient maintenance, and has good sealing effect, especially suitable for outdoor occasions and more dust. The explosion-proof hoist is the use of China's new disc brake motor, the motor has the advantages of small volume, sensitive and reliable braking strength, wear resistant steel chains to enhance safety, is ideal for small lifting tool.

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  • Lightweight and robust construction

  • Low effort to lift maximum load

  • Fully forged hooks

  • high grade CE and ISO certificated alloy load chain

  • Durable baked enamel paint protection

  • Overload protection device is available as upon request

  • Excellent after-sale serve, market agent support and protection

  • Excellent quality, top in China, always the leader

  • Sample order and trail order are acceptable

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The new developed explosion proof electric hoist is for the place where explosion risk exists. This is the first chain hoist which developed in China. Based on years of experience for chain hoist manufacturing, it comes with features of safety, reliable and easy performance.

The explosion-proof chain electric hoist is the most ideal substitute for wire rope electric hoist with small tonnage and low lifting height. The utility model is generally mounted on overhead steel I-beam track or suspended on a fixed frame and a special sling to lift the goods.

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  RAMHOIST® Explosion-Proof Electric Chain Hoist               Basic Description:


Products Name :

Explosion-ProofElectric Chain Hoist





Lift Height:



Material :

Aluminum. Steel ;


Application :

Overhead Crane, Lift Equipment, Cargo Lift, Wind Power Projects, Etc.;


Certificates :



Brand Logo :

RAMHOISTor Customized your logo;


Packing Kinds :

Plywood cases (No Need Fumigation)


Packing Size:L*W*H cm :

Pls conact RMAHOIST


Packing Weights :

Pls conact RMAHOIST


Delivery Time :

Within 10 Days----20 Days;


Work Class :

M5=H4=2M ;


Rating :

30min ;


Quality Warranty :

1 Years ;

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Widely used in factories, mines, warehouses, docks, construction sites, shopping malls, hotels and other industries, especially suitable for low places and the presence of dust, damp, decaying gas and other environments. EX type electric chain hoists are well accepted in various industrial fields. In explosive atmospheres of various ignitable gases and vapors, special attention must be requires.

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