Low Profile Single Rail Four Wheels Mini Portable Hand Chain Beam Manual Pull Geared Hoist Trolley with Capacity 0.5-10t

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  Geared trolleys incorporate a looped hand chain, which is attached to a hand chain wheel or sprocket, When the operator pulls the hand chain, the sprocket then engages the gears which facilitate wheel movement. Upon pulling the chain, the trolley will travel in the opposite direction. Besides, the geared trolleys can be divided into two types, RMGTA and RMGTB, which are suited in normal beam and long beam separately.

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  Geared single trolley is a simple and useful structure, easy to operate. This type is driven by chain, it can be used together with Chain hoist or other lifting products to match the composition of lifting and transporting. It can freely run in a certain radius of curvature of the I-beam track along the upper and lower wings, installed in the straight or the curve of the monorail overhead transport line or manual single-beam bridge.


 1. Special drive composition method,

 2. Reducer use planetary speed-down drive,

 3. Unique column rotor-taper breaking wheel motor with low yawp,

 4. Advanced guide rope technology,

 5. High precision and super mechanical spin limiter,

 6. High quality control electric component with low malfunction,

 7. Adjustable to any beam width, simply by adjusting the number of collars,

 8. The wheels are made to fit any shape of beam,

 9. High grade sealed ball bearings,

 10. With anti-drop plates,

 11. For geared trolley, the standard operating length is 3m, other length is available upon request,

 12. WLL: 1-5T,

 13. I- Beam recommended: 75-175

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Detailed dispaly

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 They are widely applicable to factories, mines, docks, shipyards, warehouses and computer room and other places to install machines, lifting goods, especially for locations with no power equipment maintenance installation.

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 Packaging & Delivery

 Packaging Detail: Packaged by high quality plywood crate

 Delivery Detail: Within15-20 days from receiving the deposit

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