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Beam Lifting Trolley (also called Geared Trolley / Manual Geared Trolley / Geared Beam Trolley ) are available in capacities from 1/2 ton to 20 Tons, Which are designed for low maintenance, trouble free use on wide flange H-beams, standard I-beams or curved track. The multiple spacer washers make beam adjustments quick and easy while the RAMHOIST beam trolleys wheels have lubricated for life, double sealed ball bearings making RAMHOIST Beam Trolleys the good choice in lifting and material handling equipment .

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  Features of Geared Trolley
 1. Extremely easy work-site installation.
 2. Compatible with I-beam and H-beam rail.
 3. High quality sealed ball bearings.
 4. Can be supplied with anti-drop plates and anti-tilt device.
 5. Easily travels over minor rail surface irregularities.
 6. For geared trolley, the standard operating chain length is 3m, other length is available upon request.
 7. No baffle, advanced structure and good appearance;
 8. The wheel is equipped with rolling bearing, high transmission efficiency and small hands thrust;
 9. With wheel rim, can travel on the smaller radius of gyration curve;
 10. The car wheel spacing can be adjusted, suitable for a variety of beams.
 11. Max track width 305mm.

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  Advantages of Geared Trolley
 Rated loads from 1/2 to 20Ton. In plain and geared models.
 Excellent low cost choice for manual and powered hoists.
 Designed to provide superior performance and long, efficient service.
 Low rolling effort through standard 6-feet hand chain drop. Other hand chain drops available.
 Universal hanging clevis accepts most hook mounted hoists.
 Trolley easily adjusts to fit any beam flange within range of adjustment, up to an 8.7" flange width.
 Lugs provide additional security to increase operator safety and  act as bumpers to protect wheels.
 Dual tread wheels will fit either tapered or flat beam flange within range of adjustment. Wheels include permanently lubricated, shielded ball bearings for long life and low maintenance.
 Lifetime warranty

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Detailed dispaly of Geared Trolley 

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  • Beam must be properly installed and rated for an ticipated loads.

  • Do not install trolley on beams of unknown capacity.

  • Do not install trolley on damaged or deformed beams.

  • Geared Beam Trolleys are designed to be used with hoists of the same rated capacity.

  • Never use a hoist with a capacity greater than the capacity of the trolley.

  • Never subject trolley to a side pull or load.

  • Load must be centered directly under the hoist / trolley assembly.

  • Make sure the load is stable and secure before moving.