Manual I Beam Flange Width Plain Beam Anti-Drop Push Handling Trolley, Hand Push Monorail Lifting Trolley 0.5-5t

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Plain trolley is a kind of lifting device and it has its own characteristics of simple structure and easy operation. It can be attached to chain hoist of electric hoist or any other loading machinery to form a loading trolley. It can be easily running on the button flange of I beam track at a curve radius for loading and unloading goods and equipment. Plain trolleys are also called push trolleys, hand push trolleys, manual push trolleys, manual trolleys, hoist manual trolleys, hand trolleys, hoist trolley, beam trolleys and plain beam trolleys, plain push trolley, In order to improve efficiency and labor-saving, Plain trolleys normally works with electric hoist or manual hoist etc, with easy adjustable and smooth roll and the wheels are made to fit any shape of beam.

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By different way of driving, the trolley series  can be divided into two types: Geared trolley(GCL) and Plain trolley(GCT). The plain trolley is operated by pushing the load and for the geared trolley, we can pull the hand chain to drive it. CE standard manual geared trolley is one of the most popular hoist spare parts, with collision avoidance function, the geared trolley operates by the means of hand chain, which can move smoothly on the bottom of joint steel. The gap between wheels can be also adjusted as the requirements. When being hanged the chain block at the bottom, they can work as the manual lifting and transporting system.


 1. Push trolley

 2. Capacity of push trolley: 0.5t to 10t

 3. Adjustable to any beam width, simply by adjusting the number of collars

 4. The wheels are made to fit any shape of beam

 5. High grade sealed ball bearings

 6. With anti-drop plates

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 1). Manual plain trolley should be formed a complete set with chain hoist or other lifting machines

 2). Manual plain trolley should be fit on the bottom flange of I-beam to compose a running lifting trolley

 3). There are ball bearings are inlayed in the wheels of the plain & Geared trolley

 4). The manual plain trolley is a lifting machine that has high efficiency in operation with small hand-pull/push force

 5). Designed to function on both flat and minor irregular beams  surface like I-beam and H-beam

 6). Easy installation and on-site operations

 7). Dual tread iron wheels with high quality sealed ball bearing

 8). Heavy rolled steel side plates with a universal hanging eye, can be coupled closely to most hoists

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Detailed description

 Main advantages: Simple construction, thicken shell, anti-drop

 Housing: 08 type aluminum cold plate

 Hand chain: 235 type chain with 4.8mm diameter, wear resistance

 Inner part: high grade sealed ball bearing

 Painting: matt painted treatment

 Shell detail: curling side design, hand chain safeguard

 Pulley detail: compact construction, adjustable to any beam width, simply by adjusting the number of collars

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CE standard manual plain trolley is used in the environment where the entire height is limited. Matching with low headroom hoists it can solve more heavy duty lifting and transporting tasks. Black painted and durable. Widely used in factory, mine, wharf, warehouse, construction site, etc. Also can used in installing machinery equipment situation and places without electricity. Plain trolleys are kind of lifting devices/lifting tools and can be mounted using lug-mount or hook pin. Plain trolleys are one of moving tools which requires manual handling to direct movement in a traverse direction and applied on flat or tapered beams. The plain trolley are operated by pushing the load and for the geared trolley, we can pull the hand chain to drive it.


Standard strong carton used for export