CD1 Electric Wire Rope Hoist for Crane

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CD1 type electric wire  rope hoist is a small lifting equipment. lt has advantages of compact structure, light weight, small colume, versatile parts and SO on. lt can be installed  on the l-beam alone, also can form a complete set of lifting equipment with electric or manual single beam, double beam and gantry crane. The lifting speed of it is normal; so it can satisfy the use requirement of general occasions. 

Product details:

 1. Minimum capacity: 0.25T: maximum capacity: 10T
 2. Power supply: 380V/50Hz3. Insulation grade: F
 4. Usage: lifting, fixing, binding, traction and SO on.
 5. The main parts of it adopt high quality steel product to ensure durability.
 б. Special specifications and marks can be made according to customers requirement.  

Safety notice:
 1.  Please check hooks, wire rope, wheel bearings and other accessories before use.
 2.  Do not over weight used.
 3.  Do not expose the hoist in rain or very humid place.
 4.  Strictly prohibit people to work under it when it working.
 5.  Gear and spring should be maintained regularly to prevent brake failure.
 6.  Please select the appropriate tonnage of block according to the weight of the  load.

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CD1, MD1 type wire rope electric hoist can be widely used to hoist heavy objects, or installed on the staight or curve I-steel beam of single-girder cranes. They can also be used together with electric hoist double girder, gantry crane and slewing cranes. All the above has made the electric hoists common in industrical and mine enterprises, railway, wharfs and warehoused.

 1.  The normal travelling speed: 20m/min (dual speed 20/6 is optional)
 2.  Hoist electrics cubicle including low voltage transformer
 3.  Motor protection IP54 insulation class F
 4.  Push button box with emergency button
 5.  Rope guide for use in aggressive environment
 6.  Remote control is optional, Hook with safety latch
 7.  Hoist is made under the FEM European standard, with planetary gearbox(low noises and free maintenance).
 8.  The motor and gearbox are installed at the same side, help the hoist to run smoothly and increase of service life.