CD1/MD1 Model Wire Rope Electric Motor Hoist

Keyword:CD1 Electric Wire Rope Hoists   Time:2019-10-14 21:44:01

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>  The lifting motor of RAMHOIST electric wire rope hoist is Nanjing special motor, the best quality motor from China.

>  For rope guide, RAMHOIST electric hoist is not the original one, the original one is easy to be broken; the new type is with pressure lever and pressure wheel, the lever could press wire rope, and the wheel only allow one wire rope go out, it would avoid the wire rope goes wrong!

>  The hook of our electric wire rope hoist is special, it is very beautiful, the quality is also very good.

>  The gear of gear box is the best quality gear in China, the material of first axle and first gear is 40Cr, the other axles and gears are with high frequency quenching, it guarantees the gears wearing resistance.

CD1 electric wire rope hoist are kinds of light small its heavy equipment, has the structure to be compact, the weight is light, the volume is small, the spare part versatility is strong, operation simple and so on merits. The reduction gear uses the hard tooth face rotation design, the life is long, the mechanical efficiency is high. The electrical machinery uses the cone-shape rotor to apply the brake electrically operated several, has the high and low bidirectional security stop block.

>  The shaft joint is large open shaft, there is the spline in it, it is better buffered the force when the motor start and stop, it makes the axle and  jackshaft more resistant. It reduces wear of central axle and jackshaft.

>  The gear box of our electric wire rope hoist cover adopted the casing of automotive technology, makes paint more bright and delicate.

>  Our electric wire rope hoist is with load limiter.