2 ton 2Tx6M CD1/MD1 380V electric wire rope hoist price

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Wire rope Electric Hoist applies to such an environment as no explosive danger, no fire, no corrosive media and no dirt exist. The elevation is below 1000m,the wetness is no higher than 85%, the temperature is between 20℃ below zero and 40℃ above zero. It is banned to lift poisonous, melted metals, combustible and explosive objects. The applicable power source is 380v~660v,50 Hz or 60 Hz, 3Ph.

Safety of electric wire rope hoist lifting machine
1. Brake and clutch ensure the safety under any circumstance, no slip under load.
2. IP55 of hoist frame and brake ensures the optimal corrosion resistance under harsh environment.
3. Up and down limit switch ensures the safe operation of the hook on the top and bottom position.
4. Low voltage contactor ensures the safe and reliable operation.

Hoist Motor is a taper type rotor motor with braking, it is made by Nanjing special  motor factory. it is of the best quality motors, it has bigger torque, so it can be adapted to moving frequently, the Maximum torque is 2.4-3 times than the rated torque.

Gear Box:
Hoist Gear Box has specially treated gears for high wear resistance.
Each Geared Shaft assembly is supported on ball or roller bearings, to ensure smooth, low-friction operation.

Wire Rope:
Hoisting ropes comply with the exporting standards.
The leading rope taken by the Drum does not slip sideways when slack.
The factor of safety, on the nominal breaking strength of the rope is six.

Rope Drum:
Grooved Drum, seamless pipe of adequate length to be wounded in one layer and to provide proper support for the rope to minimize abrasive wear is provided.
Drum Shaft resolves on Ball Bearings for ensuring smooth running.
Electric apparatus controlling system:
Model CD1 and MD1 is composed of the contactor box, controlling switch, cut-off limiter,
The working voltage of controlling switch is 380V,36V or 24V(safety voltage).

Rope Guide:
Rope Guide is in two halves, ensuring easy accessibility.
It encircles the Drum completely so that the rope may not uncoil even when the  Hoist is in unloaded condition.
The rope guides of our company is thickened and dilated, so that it is not easy to be damaged.

The Hook Block is tested to 150 % of full load before assembly.
The rope sheaves are fully guarded with protective steel casting.
All sheaves rotate on ball bearing the pulley

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Features & advantages:
1. Reasonable structure, light dead weight
2. Favorable performance, accurate and smooth lifting.
3. Safe and reliable traveling
4. Low noise, easy operation
5. Convenient maintenance, high exchangeability for parts and components

CD electric wire rope hoist working Conditions:
1. Working temperature: -20-+40 degree
2. Work moisture: <85%
3. No fire, no explosive goods, no corrosion medium.
4. Forbidden to lift melting metal, poisonous, explosive, flammable goods. The working duty is medium, when the working duty is level up, the rated lift capacity should be reduced accordingly (20% per level).
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