CD1&MD1 Model wire rope electric hoist wireless remote control

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MD1 wire rope electric hoist is widely used for lifting, or installed on single beam crane, or used on straight or curve girder.

It is a common crane facility in mining, railway, port and storage.

it is also used for single girder girder overhead crane, gantry crane or jib crane.

When it works slowly, it can make loading and unloading precisely, girder box is suitable for moulding, and mate with the machine recondition.

Wire rope
We use GB/T 20118-2006(6*37+1) wire rope to ensure it is wear well.

Operation device
We have two operation devices as wire rope operating and remote control, it is very light and handy.

Protect Function:
It is matched with brennschluss stopper, insure the hoist moving safety, long working life and reliable. And also it have head punch protection device.

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Integral Feature
Compact structure, light, small in size, parts versatility can exchange using. It has a big lifting capacity, and convenient repair.

MD1 wire rope electric hoist has both of fast and slow lifting speed, lifting is stable and easy operation.

Lifting Motor
The motor is a bigger moment motor of taper rotor, with asynchronous braking, no need of extra braking, the motor loading lasting rate is 25%, very safe. It has B or F grade insulation. And safety class is IP44/PI54.

Lifting Speed Reducer
The reducer use the class 3 dead axle bevel wheel, have a long working life. The gear and gear is made of heated ally steel with high intension.

Tank body and tank cover are made of best cast iron, strict assemblage, sealed good. The reducer is a separate device, convenient to install or uninstall. Its efficiency is very high and moving reliable.

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