Easy Operation Mini Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Keyword:Mini Electric Hoist   Time:2019-10-17 19:29:08

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Product Description for PA hoist:

Mini electric hoist als called PA hoist in the production design has reached the international standard, to ensure the safety of the use of motor heat sink using cast iron structure, improve the service life.

Mini-electric hoist are used in small and medium-sized machine tool parts, refrigerators, washing machines, assembly lines, food production lines, slaughterhouses, shops and small warehouse warehouses, masonry unloading small pieces of cargo ideal tool. At the same time, It can also be used for cars, small machinery repair lifting. In developed countries, it is an essential tool to enhance the storage of goods for the family.

This is our  Mini Electric Wire Hoist, which is Perfect for the General Maintenance Lifting & Engine Repair. The remote control cable is 1.5m long

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Note for PA hoist:

 It is recommended to use a double rope pulley.

 Please do not overload the use of.

 Do not use the brake as a limit switch.

 When using, please wear thick leather gloves, do not let the hand contact.

 Do not use micro electric hoist as a manned elevator.

 When using a miniature electric hoist, make sure the rope holds at least three turns of wire rope.

 To enter the construction site must wear a safety helmet.

 To participate in the construction of welders, electricians, rigger must be certified.

 Before the operation, the workers are not allowed to drink.

 Non construction personnel are not allowed to enter the construction area.

 The site is not allowed in the barefoot, wearing slippers, high-heeled shoes and trousers.

 Oxygen bottle acetylene bottles should be placed separately 5-7m, the use should be strictly according to the operating procedures.

 Construction site welding, must do a good job of fire prevention measures and configure the appropriate type, quantity of fire extinguisher.