500kg 1000kg mini lifting electric wire rope hoist for sale

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Are you seeking for a high quality electric wire hoist for your daily maintenance? Professional needs a professional tool. This Mini Electric Wire Hoist Remote Control Garage Auto Shop Overhead Lift is your excellent choice. Made of professional material, it can be used for a long time. In addition, it is cost-effective. It is an indispensable accessory for you. Do not hesitate to bring such a practical gadget home! Take action now!


Heavy Duty and Durable High strength carbon steel line cable, braided, anti twist. Cable length of 39ft, diameter is 1/6". Rugged steel shell and mounting  hanging clamp brackets, with reliable hardware, makes our mini electric wire host strong and durable enough to withstand heavy use.

Sheaved Pulley Lift Hook for Dual Line Operation2 heavy duty weighted lift hook, maximum load capacity ups to 660lbs each, 1320lbs total. Lift speed of 26ft per  minute of single hook, 13ft per minute of double. Max lift height of 39ft of  single, 20ft of double hooks.

High Quality Cooper Motor ETL Approved grade, features good heat dissipation ability. It provides strong power with relative low electricity consumption.

Built-in Safety Braking Mechanism With easy operate remote control panel, fully automatic hoist, requires no hand cranking. Item features automatic brake function with build-in safety braking mechanism and thermal protection device to ensure safety.

Mounting Hanging Clamp Brackets Included It comes with all necessary mountings. Simply assembled then ready to use. Compact construction, lightweight, easy operation, perfect for lifting small engines, transmissions, large shop tools, or building supplies in factories, warehouses and cargo berth.

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This is our 1320 lbs Mini Electric Wire Hoist which is Perfect For General Maintenance Lifting & Engine Repair. Features a durable braided, anti-twist, high carbon steel cable, this mini electric wire hoist is perfect for any shop or automotive garage and loading heavy equipment or removing small engines. Don't hesitate to buy it now:

Voltage: 120V/60Hz

Single line lift: 660 pounds

Speed of 26 ft per minute, 39 ft height

Double line lift: 1320 pounds

Speed of 13 ft per minute, 19 ft height

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Technical data

 Type:Electric Hoist Crane Lift

 Housing Material: Cast Iron And Aluminum



 Single Line Hight: 39.4ft (12m)

 Double Line Hight: 19.7ft (6m)

 Single Line Lifting Speed: 32.8ft/Min (10 metres/min)

 Double Line Speed: 16.4ft/Min (5 metres/min)

 Size:(52 × 41 × 17) cm

 Net Weight: 35kg

 Cable Gauge: 3mm

 Single Rope Capacity: 200kg (440Lbs)

 Double Rope Capacity: 400kg (880Lbs)

 Package 1× Electric Hoist Crane Lift

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