3 phase single speed CD1 Lifting Equipment 3 Ton single girder Electric Steel Cable Wire Rope hoist

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 CD1 and MD1 series of wire rope electric hoists are improved on the basic of normal CD/MD type wire rope electric hoist. Electric wire rope hoist made in china is the most welcome and famous light duty material lifting equipment. It has two types: fixed type and travelling type.

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 Features of electric hoist 
 1,Compact structure, light weight, safe and reliable; 

 2,Operation easy, lifting stable.

 3,Lifting capacity strong, maintenance easy; 

 4,Wide used and interchangeable of components; 

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Detailed description of wire rope electric hoists
 1. Lifting Motor 
 Asynchronous Conical rotor motor with brake inside;
 Large torque, effective braking, compact structure;
 Stable operation, small size, light weight;
 Safe usage and easy maintenance;
 B or F class insulation, IP44, IP54 protection. 
 2.Travelling Motor
 Asynchronous Conical rotor motor with brake inside;
 Stable starting, effective braking;
 Assorted with reducer;
 B or F class insulation, fully covered;
 IP44, IP54 protection;
 IC0141 self-cooling;

3.Lifting Reducer
 Three-level dead axle helical gear rotating body, long service life;
 Gear and the axle made by alloy steel after heat treatment, high intensity;
 Box and cover made from superior cast iron, fully covered;
 Great speed ratio, high accuracy;
 Compact structure, silent operation, high efficiency;
 Machinery oils;
 Easy to assemble and disassemble. 

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 4.Rope Drum
 Welding rope drum, light dead weight;
 Coil casing made from superior cast iron, high intensity;
 Rope guide avoids intertwining of wire rope, ensures normal operation;
 Extend the rope and drum's lifetime;
 No disturbance between rope socket;
 Easily interchangeable, high quality.

5.Steel Wire Rope
 GB/T 20118-2006(6*37+1) hoisting wire rope;
 Anti-tensile, good flexibility;
 Good resistance to impact, long lifetime.

 20 high quality carbon steel;
 High security, triple static load;
 Spring-loaded sturdy safety catch, ensuring slings not release;
 Safe and reliable. 
 7. Safety Feature
 Fire stopper;
 Adjustable mechanical memory structure, high sensitivity;
 Weight limiting stopper;
 Preventing hook clashing the top;
 Safe and durable, easy to install and debug;
 Sensitive reaction, small and exquisite.
 8.Overload limiter
 Preset related data according working condition;
 Show accurate weight value clearly;
 Modular, low power design, jam proof;
 Ensure the safe operation of wire rope electric hoists;
 Long service life of appliance components.

9. Electrical Part
 Reasonable layout of control cabinet, easy to repair;
 Protection class is IP55;
 Optional main power source;
 Safe trolley conductor high conductivity, small pressure drop;
 Light dead weight, easy to install;
 Collector ensures continuing power supply.

10.  Control Mode
 Pendant and remote control;
 Easy and safe control;
 Smooth operation;
 Waterproof Anti Fall.

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 Package of wire rope electric hoists

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