New Pro Customized Voltage Heavy Duty 1ton Electric Overhead cable hoist

Keyword:Electric Overhead cable hoist   Time:2019-2-26 7:03:30

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Features of Electric Overhead cable hoist
 1. High quality carbon steel Q235B and Q345B;
 2. connected by high strength screws;
 3. Welding seams are tested by X-ray and ultrasound;
 4. Compact structure, small volume;
 5. Compact reducer motor drive, step less control, hardened gears and safety disc brake;
 6. Good operation performance, step less speed regulating and running smoothly;
 7. Painting high quality epoxy zinc-rich primer, and the thickness of oil film is 140μm;

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Advantges of Electric Overhead cable hoist
 1. Product Name/Model: RAMHOIST electric hoist
 2. Designed and developed with the FEM standard, advanced idea and beautiful exterior.
 3. The drive units use China's advanced point-line meshing gear structure. It is easy and convenient to handle with the compact and reasonable whole structure.
 4. It is safe and efficient to operate, and meet current requirements of low noise and environmental protection.
 5. Using 13 proprietary technologies and utilize frequency control design to reduce the  impact force to accomplish precise positioning.
 6. Equipped with intelligent safe operation monitoring recorder like the "black box" on plane which can uninterruptedly record working status and prevent unprofessional operations.
 7.  Maintenance-free design of whole body and less wearing parts make it convenient to maintain.

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Detailed description of of Electric Overhead cable hoist
 1 reducer: third-class dead axel helical gear transmission structure is adopted; gear and gear axel are made of heat treated alloy steel; case cover with precise assembly and good seal are made of quality cast iron. The reducer is independent, so it’s easy to load and unload it.
 2.control box: it has device with up and down stroke protection of break off limiter and can cut off main circuit in an emergency, which ensures safe operation of electric block, electric parts of long service life and operational safety.
 3.steel wire rope: it uses GB1102-74(6X37+1) hoist steel wire rope which is durable in use.
 4.conical motor: the hoist motor uses conical rotors of relatively stronger starting torque to brake asynchronous motor and its grade of protection is ip44/ip54
 5.button switch: it's hand-operated, easy to handle, and has two modes of cord operation and cordless remote control.

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