CD1/MD1 380V 415V 440V 460V 50Hz 3p Portable Mini Electric Wire Rope Hoist Price

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CD1 and MD1 type electric wire rope hoist is a general lifting equipment, which can be mounted and traveling on single girder crane, gantry crane as well as jib crane. It is also used as fixed type winch. Widely used in workshop, mines, harbours, warehouse and logistical hub. The durable featured products can practically improve work efficiency while still remain competitive prices.
 CD1 type hoist is specifically designed with single lifting speed which can meet general lifting requirements. MD1 type hoist can provide dual speeds with high and low shifts, low speeds is able to do stable loading work like machine tools maintenance, precise machinery assembly etc. MD1 type electrical hoist add one more motor with lower output based on CD1 type. MD1 type can adjust to the work requesting more accuracy, it can stop at your exact lifting position for you to operate.  

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Features of CD1 and MD1 type Electric Wire Rope Hoist
1. Asynchronous Conical rotor motor with brake inside
2. Large torque, effective braking, compact structure
3. Stable operation, small size, light weight
4. Safe usage and easy maintenance
5. B or F class insulation, IP44, IP54 protection

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Advantages of CD1 and MD1 type Electric Wire Rope Hoist
1.  Easy to assemble and disassemble
2. Three-level dead axle helical gear rotating body, with long service life
3. Box and cover are made from superior cast iron, fully covered
4. Great speed ratio and high accuracy
5. Compact structure, silent operation and high efficiency
6. Machinery oils
7. Gear and the axle are made by alloy steel after heat treatment, high intensity

Detailed description of CD1 and MD1 type Electric Wire Rope Hoist
 Motor is a very important part for electrical hoist. We choose the Nanjing Zongchang (Best in China) motor to provide you a best using  experience. it has the advantages of soft starting and outstanding electricity saving effect.
2. Hook
Hooks are strong and unbreakable
3. Hoist Rope Drum
Welding rope drum light and weight, extend the rope and drum’s lifetime
4.Coil casing
They are made from superior cast iron, high intensity
5. Rope guide
They avoids intertwining of wire rope, ensures normal operation
6.Reasonable structure:
Light and compact structure designing offers aesthetic feeling and saves space for customers.
It  is convenient to maintain, install and uninstall every attaching part.
7.Safe lifting mechanism:
It consists of lifting motor, reducer, winding drum and hook device.
The mechanical parts are forged by customized steel and transmission components (gears, shafts and bearings, etc) are made by alloy steel after special heat treatment process, with longer lifetime.
8.Smooth traveling mechanism:
It drives the main mechanism to do reciprocating motion, with elements of driving trolley, driven trolley, traveling motor and traveling reducer. 
This mechanism is stable, low-noise and well-coordinates with other parts, besides, it has favorable performance of smooth starting and stopping.
9.Reliable electric device:
The electrical equipment are mainly supplied by the global renowned company such as SIEMENS, Schneider, ABB etc.
Excellent circuit design and highly intelligent program control serve customers perfect experience. 

This type of electric hoist is widely used in industrial sites, railway, subway, whart, warehouse, stockyard and so on. It can be installed in almost all the cranes or hanged in the I-beam, conveying weights in rectilinear or curvilinear motion.