High Performance European Top Running Double Girder Trolley Wire Rope Electric Hoist Trolley Double Drive

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RAMHOIST crane wire rope Electric Hoists made in china features high handling rates, cost-effective operation and maximum safety. We offer the optimum solution to meet customers' specific requirements. According to your special needs, we can provide many optional features, such as higher lifting height, different lifting speed, adapting different girder type, customized hook, anti-sway, dual-brake, load display and so on.

 Advantages of Wire Rope Electric Hoist

 1. Girder width of single-girder crane: 550-690mm. wheel width of double-girder crane can be customized (not bigger than 15% of the standard wheel width).
 2. Double girder track gauge (1400-1700-2000-2400-2700-3100-3400-3800). The gauge can be customized and will influence the price.
 3. Standard headroom hoist trolley for single girder crane is turnable, and the turning radius usually shall be bigger than 2m.
 4. Cross travel is controlled by variable frequency. Frequency converter brand can be Schneider, ABB or Yaskawa.
 5. 1-step of 2-step cross travel limits are available. 
 6. Pendant control is made in Schneider Czech Factory with 8 buttons or 12  buttons. Rotary button can be made to control two hoists on the same crane with one pendant control.
 7. Pendant control cable has socket.
 8. Monitoring unit is optional, with single mechanism or multi mechanisms.
 9. Big display of lifting load is available with sizes of 500*230mm or  900*230mm. It is usually installed on main girder or end beam to show the lifting weight when the crane is lifting.
 10. Processing ways for outdoor or humid environment: (1. Heating. 2. Stainless steel electric cabinet. 3. Stainless steel hoist shell.)
 11. Hook size can be customized according to customer’s needs. 
 12. Heavy-hammer limiting device (started by hook) can be used for lifting. 
 13. Double brake for hoisting is available. 
 14. Double speed hoisting can be changed into frequency converting control. Frequency converter brand can be Schneider, ABB or Yaskawa.
 15. Anti-sway function can be added, but the frequency converter can only be Schneider Brand.
 16. Hoist travelling has inching function. 
 17. Bearings can be other brands excluding the gear reducer bearings. 
 18. Standard control voltage is 48V, can be changed into 24V, 360V or 110V according to customers’ need.
 19. Hoists for monorail crane shall be standard headroom hoist.  

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Range of application for Wire Rope Electric Hoist
 Machine processing, steel production, material supply or any other lifting and handling occasions.
 You can change the optional features as your needs change. We help you lift the way you want to.