European Electric Powered Monorail Wire Rope Cable Lifting Winch Hoist Ce ISO

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It is of advanced technology, whose design is based on international standard: FEM (Europe), DIN (Germany), ISO(International), equipped with many advantages such as: strong rigidity, light dead weight, outstanding structure design etc.
The configurations are very advanced, such as Schneider electricals, ABM/Nord triple gear motor (three in one: motor, gear box, brake), France-imported high strength wire rope, self-adjusted disk brake, hard tooth reducer, programmable lifting limit switch, and so on.

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Detailed description

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Trolley drive unit
Trinity high-performance motor, reduction gearbox and brake. with compact structure, excellent performance, Low energy consumption, low noise and eco-friendly design.
Variable frequency control, smooth running, low impact and meeting requirements of a variety of speed. Asbestos-free brake disc and its normal service life can be up to one million times. No-wear design, maintenance-free, long service life.
Novostar safety monitors
Intelligent monitoring system, safe and practical, friendly human-machine interface and easy operation. Can monitor record of running time of the hoist and the number of overload and other information. Regular maintenance reminders and friction plate wear alarm. Achieve optional configuration of double hoist synchronous lifting operation and others.
Rope guide
Light weight, good wear resistance are to reduce the wear of wire rope effectively and prevent wire rope form skipping and loosing to off-groove.
Wire rope high-performance
The imported wire rope of high-performance with tensile strength is up to 2160MPa. The surface with galvanized processing is effective for corrosion prevention. With good flexibility to ensure wear resistance of the wire rope and prolong its service life.

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Use the Q345-type seamless steel tube as raw material and process it by numbers of working procedure. Advanced processing methods are to ensure concentricity of the drum. The depth of rope groove is in compliance with the FEM standard. High-strength pressing plates and bolts are fastened on the end of the wire rope to ensure the safety lifting.
Lifting height limiter
Freely adjustable screw lifting height limiter with high precision, wide adjustment rang, safe and reliable. Multiple-contact configurations can effectively achieve the function of transition with low and high speed and the stop during the rise and fall.
Lifting hook group
DIN standard lifting hook with safety clasp and wire rope sheath ergonomic design. Forged by high-strength material of T grade, Accompanied with nondestructive test certification of lifting hook.
Electric cabinet
Rational design, convenient maintenance and decreasing running cost. Professional and high quality electrical components which are safe and reliable. Multiple safety protection devices are to ensure equipment safely. Protection grade is IP55. Clear identification for trouble removal easily.

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