Ce European Electric Wire Rope Motor Hoist 3 Ton for Crane

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The European wire rope hoist is perfect for all applications as it's offered in several different configurations: four models, three sizes, five hooks paths and six speeds. Plus, by leveraging standard modular components, maintenance is quicker and more cost-effective.


Detailed description of European wire rope hoist

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 • ECONOMICAL: long service life, high availability
 • FLEXIBLE: versatile in application with many combinations, sizes and variants
 • LONG SERVICE LIFE: service-friendly, robust components

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 • Rugged 12/2-pole cylindrical-rotor motor (selection of frequency conversion)
 • Low-vibration, quiet running characteristics
 • Thermal contacts to protect against overheating
 • Designed for extended operating periods, classified in accordance with FEM
 • IP 54 enclosure

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 • DC disc brake with brake release monitoring (optional)
 • Minimum safety factor of 1.8
 • Rapid response through integrated brake model

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 • Three stage, helical gear reducer
 • Low running noise
 • Lubricated for life

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 • Generously dimensioned drum for long rope service life
 • Precisely machined rope grooves
 • Rope guide made of heavy duty composite material
 • Reliable operation even in critical environments
 • Rope fleet angle up to +/- 4 degree without physical contact between rope and rope guide
 • Rope guide is two halves, ensuring easy accessibility.
 • It encircles the drum completely so that the rope may not uncoil even when the hoist is in unload condition

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 • Conventional contactor control
 • Frequency conversion operation
 • Electronic module for control of time functions
 • Overload protection fitted as standard for increased safety
 • Control by means of DST control pendant (selection)
 • Ergonomic and rugged design with 7 or 9 buttons
 • Emergency off switch fitted as standard
 • Accurate two pole rotating limit switch

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 • Ergonomically designed and operator friendly
 • Pulley made of special materials, low noise
 • Run smoothly

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 • With hard gear surface and adopts 3 level helical gears to slow down the speed, so it has long life and high mechanical efficiency. 

Applications of European wire rope hoist

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