Double Speed European Style Electric Wire Rope Hoist with Trolley

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Electric wire rope hoist made in china with the features of small size, light weight, simple operation, easy to use, which usually be used in industrial and mining enterprises, storage terminals and other places.

This electric hoist is a special lifting equipment which mounted on the overhead cranes, gantry cranes or Jib cranes.

It is with low headroom hoist trolley, which is installed on the bottom flange of the main beam. The low headroom hoist allows maximum effective use of the available lifting height.

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1.Lifting capacity: 1~80T

2.Lifting height: 6~30m

3.Traveling speed: 0~20m/min

4.Frequency control, smooth operation.

5.Its height is low, occupying little space.

6.Designed with international standards.

7.Maintenance free.

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EU electric wire rope hoist:

 1.The whole machine is compact in structure, easy to operate, safe and efficient, in line with the contemporary requirements of low noise, energy conservation and environmental protection.

 2.It adopts the European FEM design standard, with advanced concepts and beautiful appearance.

 3.The whole hoist adopts the maintenance-free design, less wearing parts and convenient maintenance.

 4.This EU electric wire rope hoist is equipped with an intelligent safety operation monitor in recorder similar to the aircraft "black box", which can continuously record crane working status information and prevent crane illegal operation.

 5.The drive units use China's advanced point-line meshing gear structure.

 6.It can be frequency conversion speed regulation, small impact, accurate positioning.

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Detailed description

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According to the installation form, the EU electric wire rope hoist can be divided into fixed type, monorail trolley type (suitable for monorail or electric single-beam crane), double-track trolley type (suitable for double-beam crane).

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