European design mode electric wire rope hoist

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Features of European Type wire rope Electric Hoist:

 1) German technology design

 2) Schneider contactors

 3) ABM or china motor

 4) G.G limiter switch

 5) Inverter

 6) Overload limiter

 7) England Bruston Shaw wire rope type

 8) FEM/ISO: 2M/M5 or 3M/M6

Advantages of European Type wire rope Electric Hoist:

 1.Compact structure, reasonable layout, safe reliability;

 2.Convenient maintenance, excellent swivel function advantages.

 3.Designed and developed with the FEM standard, advanced idea and beautiful exterior;

 4.Maintenance-free design of whole body and less wearing parts make it convenient to maintain.

 5.The drive units use China's advanced point-line meshing gear structure. It is easy and convenient to handle with the compact and reasonable whole structure;

 6.Using 13 proprietary technologies and utilize frequency control design to reduce the impact force to accomplish precise positioning;

 7.Equipped with intelligent safe operation monitoring recorder like the "black box" on plane which can uninterruptedly record working status and prevent unprofessional operations.

8.It is safe and efficient to operate, and meet current requirements of low noise and environmental protection;

Detailed descriptionof European Type wire rope Electric Hoist:

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 European design electric wire rope hoist is the ideal lifting equipment that is widely used in factories, mines, agriculture, dock, electric power, construction building site and warehouse for installation of the machines, lifting the cargos, loading and unloading the trucks.

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After-Sales Service
 1. 14 months warranty when the hoists leave the factory, or 12 months warranty after installation and commissioning in addition to the human damage factors.

 2. 2 years spare-parts provided for better maintenance.

 3. Delivery with English user manual, parts manual, product certification and other relevant certificates.

 4. Technical advisory for any time and Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

 5. Professional technical staffs provide installation, commissioning and training services.