China supplier European standard 10 ton electric wire rope hoist

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EU Type wire rope trolley is also a new product, which is developed with advanced design technology referring to European FEM standard.

With the rated load up to 80t, EU electric trolley can be installed on double girder overhead crane as its lifting mechanism. The low headroom hoist allows maximum effective use of the available lifting height.

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Features of EU Type wire rope hoists:

 - 2-speed hoisting motors (6/1)

 - 4-step hoisting limit switch with slow-down function and phase mismatch protection

 - Working class is M4~M7

 - Travelling machinery with frequency inverter, stepless

 - Mechanical overload protection

 - Thermal protection for hoisting and travelling motors

 - Robust rope guide made of cast iron

 - Standard 3-phase voltages 380/400/415 V 50 Hz; 440/460/480 V 60 Hz

 - 36V contactor control

 - IP 55 protection, duty factor 60 %

 - Epoxy paint, 60 μ M

 - Compact structure, light weight, safe and reliable;

 - Lifting capacity strong, maintenance easy;

 - Easy operation and stable lifting.

 - Ambient temperature -10 degree - +40 degree

 - Wide used and interchangeable of components;

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Detailed descriptionof EU Type wire rope hoists

 -Asynchronous Conical rotor motor with brake inside;
 -Large torque, effective braking, compact structure;
 -Stable operation, small size, light weight;
 -Safe usage and easy maintenance;
 -B or F class insulation, IP44, IP54 protection.

 -Three-level dead axle helical gear rotating body, long service life;
 -Gear and the axle made by alloy steel after heat treatment, high intensity;
 -Box and cover made from superior cast iron, fully covered;
 -Great speed ratio, high accuracy;
 -Compact structure, silent operation, high efficiency;
 -Machinery oils;
 -Easy to assemble and disassemble.
Rope Drum
 -Welding rope drum, light dead weight;
 -Coil casing made from superior cast iron, high intensity;
 -Rope guide avoids intertwining of wire rope, ensures normal operation;
 -Extend the rope and drum's lifetime;
 -No disturbance between rope socket;
 -Easily interchangeable, high quality.
 -20 high quality carbon steel;
 -High security, triple static load;
 -Spring-loaded sturdy safety catch, ensuring slings not release, safe and reliable.

Steel Wire Rope;
-GB/T 20118-2006(6*37+1) hoisting wire rope;
-Anti-tensile, good flexibility;
-Good resistance to impact, long lifetime.

Overload  limiter
 -Preset related data according working condition;
 -Show accurate weight value clearly;
 -Modular, low power design, jam proof;
 -Ensure the safe operation of electric hoist;
 -Long service life of appliance components.

Fire stopper
-Adjustable mechanical memory structure, high sensitivity;
-Weight limiting stopper;
-Preventing hook clashing the top;
-Safe and durable, easy to install and debug;
-Sensitive reaction, small and exquisite.

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Electrical Part
 -Reasonable layout of control cabinet, easy to repair;
 -Protection class IP55;
 -Optional main power source;
 -Safe trolley conductor high conductivity, small pressure drop;
 -Collector ensure continuing power supply.

Control Mode
 -Pendant and remote control;
 -Easy and safe control;
 -Smooth operation;
 -Waterproof Anti Fall.

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