Metal Industry 16ton European Model Electric Wire Rope Hoist for Sale

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Unique features of European Model Electric Wire Rope Hoist

1) High reliability, safety, free maintenance rate;
  a) Work duty: FEM2M, M5
  b) Protection class: IP55
  c) Insulation class: F
  d) Continuing rate: 60% (for the high class motor)
  e) Cooling rate: 30% than normal crane
  f) Over temperature protection: 170ºC

2) Compact design, small size, low dead weight, low headroom

3) Low noise.

4) Investment-saved---the workshop's civil work cost, due to crane's light dead weight and low wheel pressure.

5) Power-saved. The total motor power is much lower than normal design.

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Advantagesof European Model Electric Wire Rope Hoist
 1. Hoist with housing: It protects the coiling block, rope guide and wire rope not be effected by the dust in air, which makes the hoist work much more time.

 2. Hoist with heat protection and Overload protector

 3. Electromagnetic brake: no need maintenance in service life, which reduce much cost for maintenance.

 4. AC contactor: Schneider .

 5. Motor protection grade: IP54; Brake system protection grade: IP65; Insulation grade: F

 6. Beautiful appearance: with epoxy paint, much better for corrosion resistance .

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1.Electric control box
The application of international renowned electric element like Schneider and Simons which has concise and reasonable wiring, multiple protection at IP64 protection level, stable performance and no noise, the cover of which can be opened in 120 degrees to be repaired conveniently.

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2.Lifting Driver Unit
High strength aluminum alloy integration housing with maintenance-free design is light in weight, small in size and good in heat conduction. It has class H insulation at IP65 protection level (for special configuration, Please keep us informed in advance).
3.Operation Mechanism
Electromotor, retarder and brake are integrated into one body, so its operation is smooth, stable and free from impact.
It has reliable performance, flexible operation, little abrasion and long service life, with one million times switching for the first warranty and two side non-asbestos brake pad(critical abrasion indication function is optional).
5.Rope Guide
It is made of high strength, wear-resistant, self-lubrication engineer used nylon which makes the weight is light, The volume is small and it effectively extends the service life of roll and steel wire rope.

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Aircraft-grade connector, the contact is extremely stable, with no false connection, and the protection level is above IP65.
7.Hoisting Height Limiter
Free adjustment double limits, high limits accuracy, multi-point control, broad regulation range, therefore it has the same service life as crane.
8.Safety Monitor(Optional)
Digitized real time monitor, automatic alarm recording humanity operation interface.

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The fittings used for the Electric Wire Rope

     1. Long life Schneider electric components;

     2. Intelligent monitoring and recording instrument;

     3. Safe and convenient heavy air connector;

     4. Imported high strength steel wire rope;

     5. Reasonable wiring, convenient overhaul electric box;

     6. German high strength hook according to DIN standard.

Our service for the Electric Wire Rope:

     1. The quality of each hoist is tested before delivery.

     2. The specialized technical personnel will teach you how to use this china made electric wire rope hoist.

     3. 24-hour service call is available over the year.

     4. One year warranty for the hoists.

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