Single Phase Micro PA Wire Rope Mini Electric Hoist, with 110 V Motor and Remote Control for Garage Auto Shop

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Mini Electric Wire Rope hoists have many special features, such as simple structure, easy installation, small and exquisite, which use single power supply as its electricity. Mini electric hoists have reached the international standard in terms of production design and make sure of its security when using, using cast iron structure of motor cooling fin improves the service life.

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 1. Adopt urgent stop switch and reinforced breaking switch with position limit, Protection class is up to IP54 and with thermal protection device.
 2. Lifting hook can rotate 360 degree.
 3. Excellent control characteristics, minimal setting force required, designed for one-handed operation.
 4. Drop-forged, heat-treated suspension hook and load hook mounted on swivel steel balls with safety latches.
 5. Motor insulation is B, magnetic single-phase. Both Dual hook use and single hook use is available.
 6. Caged roller bearings on drum center shaft.
 7. Mini electric hoist speed can reach 10 m/min, the initial design rope length is 12 meters (longer can be customized), the hook specially designed with advanced settings which greatly increases the lifting weight of the mini electric hoist.
 8. Simple structure, easy installation, small size, and single-phase power as a power source.

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Detailed Description
 1, Lifting motor: the motor is alongside magnetic type one-way capacitance, the insulation class B motor design stalls the brake alongside magnetic mechanism, the use is safe and reliable.
 2, Reducer: using secondary reduction gear, gear, shaft adopts high-quality steel manufacturing. After the tempering heat treatment, Motor and reducer constitute an organic whole, it adopts the aluminum alloy die casting and compact structure which are durable and beautiful.
 3, Rope drum, chassis: rope cylinder with high qualified steel plate stamping and steel pipe welded together, mounted on the output shaft, rotation wire rope lifting objects. The chassis is made of high qualified steel plate stamping, welding to support the overall hoisting machine and fixed.
 4, Hook: choose eye hook, hook type rated lifting weight; Choose live wheel hook, double lifting weight.
 5, Switches, appliance, switch to second button to close the switch. Press up (increased), hand press down (down), reset when to stop. Rising objects to the limit at the same time, stop trip switches, cut off power supply, ensure the safety of operation.
 6, Control box : it has device with up and down stroke protection of break off limiter and can cut off main circuit in an emergency, which ensures safe operation of electric block, electric parts of long service life.

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 Detailed Display

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 Mini Electric Wire Rope Hoists are widely used in machinery repairing, lifting heavy goods from lower floors to high floors of tall buildings in large workshop, warehouse, wharf, wind power, logistics, construction and other industries, lifting or handling of goods can also be used for heavy lifting, convenient work or repair of large machines.

Delivery and package

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