PA100, PA200, PA300, PA800, PA1200 Small PA Type Micro Pulling Wire Rope Mini Electric Hoist for Household or Industrial Lifting Use

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 CE Certificate PA mini electric wire hoist is generally divided into stationary and running type, suitable for various occasions, can lift goods  under 2000kg, especially suitable for lifting heavy items from downstairs of high-rise buildings. This kind of hoist has many features, such as simple structure, easy installation, small and exquisite, and use single power supply as its electricity. Mini electric hoists have reached the international standard in terms of production design and make sure of its security when using, using cast iron structure of motor cooling fin improves the service life.

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 The mini hoists we produce are in compliance with  the national standard. The design is reasonable, the materials are of good quality, the structure is advanced, the appearance is beautiful and the size is compact, the weight is light, the hand pull force is small and the parts have high strength, big tenacity, and all these make it safe, durable. And the products are popular at home and abroad. It can be compared with the famous brand product in the world.

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 With up and down position limit safety device.
 With emergency stop switch
 100% pure copper motor, good cooling and durable
 With emergency knob for the handle
 With upper limit and lower limit
 Anti-rotary wire rope
 Longer stator and rotor
 Thick shell to protect the mini hoist
 Protection class up to IP54
 With thermal prevention device
 Reinforced breaking switch with position limit
 I. Excellent control characteristics, minimal setting force required, designed for one-handed operation.
 II. Drop-forged, heat-treated suspension hook and load hook mounted on swivel steel balls with safety latches.
 III. Motor insulation is B, magnetic single-phase. Double hook use, single hook use
 IV. Caged roller bearings on drum center shaft
 V. Preventing torsion wire rope for more convenient usage.
 VI. Punching Steel shell, lightweight and strong.

 Detailed display

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 Detailed Description
 1, Lifting motor: the motor is alongside magnetic type one-way capacitance, the insulation class B motor design has stalling the brake alongside magnetic mechanism, the use of safe and reliable.
 2, Reducer: using secondary reduction gear, shaft adopts high-quality steel manufacturing. After the tempering heat treatment, Motor and reducer constitute an organic whole, adopt the aluminum alloy die casting, compact structure, durable and beautiful.
 3, Rope drum, chassis: rope cylinder with high qualified steel plate stamping  and steel pipe welded together, mounted on the output shaft, rotation wire rope lifting objects. The chassis is made of high qualified steel plate stamping and welding to support the overall hoisting machine and fixed.

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 4, Hook: choose eye hook, hook type rated lifting weight; Choose live wheel hook, double lifting weight.
 5, Switches, appliance, switch to second button to close the switch. Press up (increased), hand press down (down), reset when to stop. Rising objects to the limit at the same time, stop trip switches, cut off power supply, ensure the safety of operation.   

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  6.Control box: it has device with up and down stroke protection of break off limiter and can cut off main circuit in an emergency, which ensures safe operation of electric block, electric parts of long service life and operational safety.

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  7. Steel wire rope: it uses GB1102-74(6X37+1)hoist steel wire rope which is durable in use.

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Wide Applications
 The PA type of mini electric hoists we produce can be used in home, factories, mines, agriculture, electric power, mall  construction building site, dock, airports, workshop, harbors, and warehouse for installing of the machines, lifting the cargoes. Loading and unloading the trucks.

 Standard export strong carton or cases

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