1-Phase 220V/230V PA400 PA500 PA700 PA800 PA1000 Mini Home Used Electric Cable Winch Hoist with Remote Control and Trolley

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 The Mini electric hoist we produced is in compliance with the national standard. The design is reasonable, the materials are of good quality, the structure is  advanced, the appearance is beautiful and the size is compact, the weight is light, the hand pull force is small and the parts have high strength, big tenacity, and all these make it safe, durable. And the products are popular at home and abroad. It can be compared with the famous brand product in the world.  Mini electric hoist is also called civil electric hoist, a kind of lifting tool for lifting goods. Simple structure, easy to install, small and exquisite, single-phase electric power is used as the power source. It is suitable for various occasions, and can raise the goods below 1000kg, which is especially  suitable for lifting heavy goods from the lower floors to high floors of tall buildings.

 Product features:
 1, Miniature electric hoist is designed smart, easy to use.
 2, when the lifting things and limit is met during the ascension it will stop automatically.
 3, If the wire rope elevate reversely, the motor will stop automatically.
 4, the hook can roate 360 degrees, which prevents the steel wire to twist.

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 1. Steel body cover.
 2. High Quality wire rope.
 3. Most tensile safety hooks
 4. Compact and high efficient motor with heat protection device
 5. Use Copper motor, big power and different voltage are available
 6. Push button is with 24V low voltage to guarantee safety and limit switch system
 7. With urgent stop switch and reinforced breaking switch with position limit.
 8. Choose precise process of high tensile helix gear working system to keep lower noise
 9. Low headroom space to suit different lifting length.
 10. IP54 protection grade on electric hoist for prevent water and dust, with thermal protection device

Detailed display

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Detailed description
 1. reducer: third-class dead axel helical gear transmission structure is adopted; gear and gear axel are made of heat treated alloy steel; case and case cover with precise assemble  good seal are made of quality cast iron. The reducer is independent, so it’s easy to load unload it.
 2. control box: it has device with up and down stroke protection of break off limiter and can cut off main circuit in an emergency, which ensures safe operation of electric hoist.
 3. steel wire rope: it uses GB1102-74(6X37+1)hoist steel wire rope which is durable in use.
 4. conical motor: the hoist motor uses conical rotors of relatively stronger starting torque to brake asynchronous motor and grade insulation and its protection is ip44/ip54
 5. button switch: it's hand-operated, easy to handle, and has two models which are cord operation and cordless remote control.

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 We call the miniature electric hoist for civil electric hoist, so it is more widely used among folks in various fields. Miniature electric hoist is mainly used in small and medium-sized machine tool parts, refrigerators, washing machines, assembly lines, food production lines, slaughterhouses, shops, small warehouse and it is the ideal tool for wood cutting, mud workers to use when hanging small pieces of goods. At the same time if increasing the small bracket, It also can be used for lifting cars, machinery when they need  some repair. It has been an essential tool for family to lift and storage goods in developed country, it is powered by domestic electricity. you can put it in your family for daily use.

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Classification of Wire rope mini electric hoist:
 1.Household mini electric hoist and Industrial mini electric hoist.
 2.Wire rope mini electric hoist and Chain mini electric hoist.
 3.Suspension type and Travelling type with trolley.

Advantages of Micro wire rope electric hoist:
 1.Design dexterity, easy to use.
 2.When the limit baffle touches the limiter, hoist automatically stops the operation.
 3.If the wire rope is raised in reverse, the hoist motor will stop working automatically.
 4.The upper hook design of hoist is divided into dynamic loading and static loading.
 6.The power line is inserted and easy to use.
 7.Hoist hook can rotate 360 °.