230V PA200A 100/200kg Capacity 10 M/Min / 5 M/Min, 12 M/6 M Single / Double Wire Rope Mini Lifting Electric Hoist

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 With up and down postion limit safety device.
 With emergency stop switch
 Protection class up to IP54
 With thermal prevention device
 Reinforced breaking switch with position limit
 Hoist hook can be rotated 360 °.
 Hoist design is divided into dynamic and  static loading two states.

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 1. Mini electric hoist, also known as the civilian electric hoist. Generally divided into fixed and running style, suitable for all kinds of occasions, it can enhance the cargo of 1000 kg or less, especially for high-rise buildings to lift heavy items from downstairs.
 2. Simple structure, easy installation, small size, and with a single-phase power as a power source. Mini electric hoist in the production design are up to international standards to ensure that the safety of the use, motor heat sink made of cast iron structure, improve the service life.
 3. Mini electric hoist speed can reach 10 m / min, rope length is 12 meters in default design (longer can be customized), with specially designed hook advanced settings, which greatly increase the mini electric hoist lifting weight, miniature electric hoist 220V civil power, especially suited for daily use, industrial production lines, freight logistics and other occasions

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 Mini electric hoists have reached the international standard in terms of production design and make sure of its security when using, using cast iron structure of motor cooling fin improves the service life. They are widely be used on 220V power supply, especially suitable for daily civilian, industrial production line, the freight logistics, etc.

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