Wire Rope Mini Electric Hoist 100kg Low Headroom Wire Rope Electric Pulling Hoist

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 PA mini wire rope electric hoist capacity: 100kgs-1000kgs
 PA mini wire rope electric hoist lift height: 6m/12m(can be longer)
 PA mini wire rope electric hoist lift speed: 10m/min/5m/min
 PA mini wire rope electric hoist we produce is compliance with the national standard with features with Advance structure, Compact Size and Light Weight, Small Hand Pull Force and High Strength Parts.

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 Simple structure, easy installation and small size
 Motor heat sink made of cast iron structure, improve the service life
 Lifting hook can rotate 360 degree
 With upper position limited
 Emergency stop switch option (stop hoist mandatory)
 With thermal prevention device (prevent hoist overload)
 Non-rotating wire rope (prevent goods rotation in the air)
 With thermal protection device (prevent hoist overload)

Detailed display

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 PA mini wire rope electric hoist we produce can be used in factories, mines, agriculture, electric power, construction building site, dock and warehouse for installing machine, lifting cargoes, loading and unloading the trucks.