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HSH lever hoist is in a unique lever hoist or lever block which belong to manual hoist, that is an essential tool in the industrial and service sectors in the commercial use, because of its unique design, it's 30% lighter than the traditional lever hoist, so it is used by workers of all ages, even in the restricted work environment can be easily operated.

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Features for high quality 250kg 1/4 ton mini lever chain hoist:

 1. The suspension and load hook by aging, high-strength alloy steel, when accident happens, it will be the first event of deformation without overloading sudden fracture

 2. Hook with strong safety lock, freely rotating 360°, hook using 35CrMo material, the hook strength stronger, better toughness.

 3. Enclosed design protects internal components from contamination

 4. Ergonomic handle design engineering makes the hoist easy to operate.

 Environmental conditions:

 Operating temperature range:-40℃~+60℃

 Ambient range: please use the following 100% RH, can not be used in the water.

 Material: without using fireproof materials, for example, asbestos, this kinds of special material.

 Don't use in overloading


 Packaging of lever hoist

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