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Product description:

VA hand lever hoist is a small, multi-purpose manual lifting machine, it is used widely in electric power, mining, shipbuilding, construction, transportation, and post. It can install equipment, lifting items, traction parts, bundled parts, pull the line, assist welding and other occasions, especially in the small workplace, field high altitude operations and a variety of different angles of the pull.

The top and bottom hook are made of forged high strength alloy, accomplished by heat treatment process. The hooks also have three stretch indicators. However if by any chance the hook is overloaded there is no fear of it breaking, Ratch Saving Labor Machinery Lifting Lever Block will simply gradually start straightening out, avoiding any load drop or personal injury.

Precision cast steel latch in bottom hook with embedded design can prevent the bottom hook off effectively.

The stainless steel cap nuts on shell of the hoist protect the screw from various injuries of exposed outdoor for long time and severe chemical environment. This design is also simple to disassemble, easy to maintain.

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  1. Capacity VA hand lever hoist from 0.25T to 6T, Minimum headroom required and very versatile in operation

  2. Automatic double-pawl braking system

  3. Chain guides provide smooth chain operation

  4. Roller bearing supported load sheaves for avoiding abrasion

  5. G80 Chain are made of special alloy steel that is exclusively

  6. Drop forged kooks to ensure superior quality and safety

  7. The lever hoist static test is 4 times of capacity, and running test is 1.5 times of capacity one by one

  8. The lever block is of high efficiency, fast lifting and light hand pull.

  9. Surface finishing: Automotive painting

  10. Lever block is a kind of highly efficient and  versatile hand operated hoisting appliance.

  11. It is particularly used in the narrow places, the open air and overhead places for pulling and stretching work at any angle.

  12. The lever block is safe, reliable and durable.

  13. The lever block is of excellent performance, easy operation and convenience maintenance.

  14. The lever block is of small volume, light weight and portable in size.

  15. The lever block is of high efficiency, fast lifting and light hand pull.

  16. The structure is advanced and the appearance of lever hoist is attractive


  1. The whole structure of VA hand lever hoist is compact, easy to carry because of small weight, especially for its field high altitude operations.

  2. The shell is made of high-strength steel plate, the surface using spray treatment, strong coating, impact resistance, wear resistance.

  3. The brake is equipped with double paw brake, to ensure the safety and reliability.

  4. Chain structure is equipped with closed chain cover structure, to ensure the reliability of the chain operation.

  5. The hook is made of alloy steel, and after heat treatment to ensure the hook will not break When it is overloaded.

  6. It equipped with a brake clutch device, the chain can be free to pull and improve efficiency when it no load.


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1. Hook

made of high-class alloy steel, it has high strength and high security; by using new design, weight will never escape.

2. Components

main components are all made of high-class alloy steel, with high precision and security.

3. Framework

slight design and more beautiful; with less weight and smaller work area

4. Plastic Plating

by adopting advanced plastic plating technology inside and outside, it looks like a new one after years of operation.

5. Encloser

made of high-classed steel, more firmly and dexterous

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 Other types:

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