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Product Description of lever hoist
The design of this china lever hoist is in accordance with En13157 standard, it meets all pertinent world standards.
High strength steel frames and gear case build to be durable for rugged needs of construction and maintenance rigging.
360 degree handle rotation with short stroke to ratchet loads.
Equipped with wide throat top and bottom drop forged hooks that are designed to bend slowly to warn of overloads.
Load chain is alloy steel grade 80 accord with ISO3077 standard.

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Features of lever hoist:

  1. Low own weight, small mounting sizes and small lever force at full load.

  2. Asbestos free brake, holding load at any desired height.

  3. Top & bottom hooks are fitted with safety latches as standard.

  4. Short hand lever with rubber grip.

  5. Hand lever operates with little effort due to optimal gear ratio.

  6. Drop forged steel suspension & load hooks are heat treated and fracture resistant. In case of dangerous overloading or abuse, the hook does not fracture but will slowly yield.

  7. The hoist is fitted with high grade alloy load chain.

  8. Inspection of lever hoist & manuals.

  9. Forged chain  sprockets of the load sheave can ensure the smooth operation of the chain.

  10. Cham guide plate can provide smooth operation of the load chain and keep out dust.

  11. The lever with ribs along edge providing high strength and high ability to fight against deformation.

  12. Reliable brake mechanism, when the load slips quickly by accident, the brake works immediately to slop the slipping.

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Details of lever hoist:

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Body cover
The plate finish is electrophoretic painting which protects from moisture. Guide roller use#45 steel material with heat treatment for better hardness and smooth chain flow

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Reversing handle
Three-dimensional design with small dots,
The user more comfortable operation, not easy to slide.

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Hook frame combination made by forging, hook uses embedded design tip ensuring better safety, drop forged hooks can swivel fully

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Rubber handle
Handle cover use rubber material suited for user and use screw for keep solid

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Pull the ring
Use nylon material making user more comfortable and smooth


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