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Product Description of the Lever block (lever hoist)

Lever Hoist is a simple, portable and convenient manual lifting tool (manual hoist). It can be lifted, pulling, fell, calibrated and so on. The weight is generally not more than 50T.

It has the advantages of safety, reliability, durability, good performance, easy maintenance, small size, light weight, convenient carrying, small hand force, high efficiency, perfect structure, beautiful appearance, etc.


Features of the Lever block (lever hoist)

  1. All structural steel and gear rotation.

  2. Light weight and robustly constructed.

  3. The product can meet 150% of the rated  load.

  4. There are bearings or bushings in the rotation of the gear and shaft.

  5. Professional alloy hooks can satisfy the overload of products.

  6. The surface of the product is sprayed with plastic.

  7. Fully enclosed gear train and premium alloy chain.

  8. Against all weather conditions.

  9. Use only minimum effort to raise maximum load.

  10. Lower hook is assembled with complete thrust racer.

  11. Lifting wheel is fully machined from a single material.

  12. Minimum headroom required and very versatile in operation.

  13. Automatic weston brake with unique twin pawls is well protected.

  14. Enamel baked painted surface, very durable against knock and abrasion pacification.

  15. Roller bearing supported load sheaves for avoiding abrasion.

  16. Superior quality premium alloy chain.

  17. Chain are made of special alloy steel that is exclusively.

  18. Chain guides provide smooth chain operation.

  19. Drop forged kooks to ensure superior quality and safety.

Details of the Lever block:

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Forged Hook
Forged top and bottom hook with the high strength.
Bigger hook opening and fit for more requirements. All hooks are made of high quality alloy steel and forged.

Lever Hoists16-4.jpg

Thick Cover 
Thick cover with convex rib process, protect the inside parts effectively. High quality alloy, steel lifting chain, with the accurate transmission and high strength. Brake in double pawl, increase the safety factor in 2 times. The gear this wonderful china lever hoist is made of the low alloy steel precision machining, and after cauterizing heat treatment process, etc then do the final surface treatment.

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G80 Chain and Hook
≤3T Lever Block products are with single chain, it increases the lifting efficiency in 25 times. The special design in body makes the hand pulling force lighter 1/3. The lifting chain is made of high quality alloy steel, and the broken is in 4 times

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Multi-point Supporting Structure and Overload Protection Device
The product surface is bright and clean and the product feature is very good, either in strength or anti-rust. With CE approval.

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Chain Guide And Manual Direction Handle
Low alloy steel construction. With compact design, the special short handle design, made of high quality, anti-rust alloy steel. 360 degree rotating hooks with the safety tongue.

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Rubber Handle Cover With Screw Fixed
Super small size, light weight and easy to take, material in low alloy steel plate, safe and durable.

Other types:

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