Professional Supplier of Lever Hoist

Keyword:Lever Hoist   Time:2019-6-15 23:08:35

VA lever hoists 2
0.75T 1.5T 3T 6T 9T VA lever hoist
1)Capacity from 0.25T to 6T, Minimum headroom required and very versatile in operation
2)Automatic double-pawl braking system
3)Chain guides provide smooth chain operation
4)Roller bearing supported load sheaves for avoiding abrasion
5)G80 Chain are made of special alloy steel that is exclusively
6)Drop forged kooks to ensure superior quality and safety
7)The lever hoist static test is 4 times of capacity,and running test is 1.5 times of capacity one by one
8)The lever block is of high efficiency, fast lifting and light hand pull.
9)Surface finishing:Automotive painting.


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