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VA hand operated lever chain block hoist has a compact short handle design and a very handy hand wheel operation, it is an ideal product for use in buildings and general industrial applications, especially for use in confined spaces.

VA hand operated lever chain block hoist has a quick adjustment under the hook function, novel style, unique style, the body is beautiful, good braking performance, higher efficiency.

VA lever hoist Features:

 1. All adopts thick structural steel, spray treatment surface is durable, anti-rust and impact resistance.

 2. G80 grade alloy chain, clean and safe. Lifting chain is forged precisely and durable.

 3. All for gear rotation, the connection between the gear and the shaft all have bearing or axle sleeve.

 4. Hook: professional heat treatment forged hook can rotate 360 degree, which has characteristic of slow bending property.

 5. Big nut to fix the shell and don’t save materials.

 6. Alloy steel guide is streamlined design to assist chain to slide smoothly.

 7. High performance non-slip rubber handle is more convenient use.

Factory Show

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Adopt G80 grade heat treatment alloy steel chain, it is safe to operate in rainwater, seawater, chemical and other bad situations.

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Whole Body:

Produced and inspected strictly by international standard, which ensures the longevity and quality of the lever hoists.

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After forging, it will not break. The lower one can rotate 360 degree, which has safe insurance to ensure safety.

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Packing & Delivery

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