9ton 3m Heavy Lifting VA Lever Chain Hoist Pulley Block with Safety Hook

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VA lever hoists 5

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   1.The main parts are made of superior steel to ensure the safety and durability of the lever hoists.
   2. Finish Forging is applied on hook block production to ensure safe operation.
   3. The brake has double pawls to increase safety and reliability.
   4. With the braking clutch system designed, the load chain can be easily pulled by hand and the bottom hook rapidly adjusted when the hoist is unloaded.
   5. The handle is designed with bi-directional pawl to make the lifting and lowering easier.
   6. The design of handle is improved to make the operation more convenient.
   7. Small volume & weight and high probability

   1. Don't overload, Don't use an extension on the lever. Don't use foot to apply pressure to the lever.
   2. Before using the lever hoist, inspect the hook to see whether it is securely attached center load on the bottom hook correctly. The incorrect loading is strictly forbidden.
   3. Prevent the chain from dragging over sharp edges or corner. While tightening goods in transport, the lever block must be applied along a straight line parallel to the surface it is resisting on.
   4. No rough handing.
   5. No twisting.

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