6 Ton chinese brand VA type Lever Hoists with GS certificate

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 Introduction  of High Quality VA Type Lever Hoist
 VA type lever hoist is a small light, multi-purpose manual lifting, traction machinery, widely used  in electric power, mining, shipbuilding, construction, transport, telecommunications and other sectors of the equipment installation, goods lifting, mechanical traction, spare  parts tied closer and welding on the bit line and other occasions, especially in small workplaces, outdoor high-altitude operations and a variety of different  angles with remarkable pulling its superiority.

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Features of VA Type Lever Hoist:
   1.Chain guides provide smooth chain operation
   2.Roller bearing supported load sheaves for avoiding abrasion
   3.Chain are made of special alloy steel that is exclusively 
   4.Drop forged kooks to ensure superior quality and safety


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