VA VT type manual lever block chain hoist 0.75ton 1.5ton 2 ton 3ton

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VA lever hoists 10
 Capacity from 0.75T to 3T

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 Product size

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 Feature of VA lever hoists
 1) Minimum headroom required and very versatile in operation
 2) Automatic double-pawl brake system
 3) Roller bearing supported load sheaves for avoiding abrasion
 4) Chain guides provide smooth chain operation
 5) G80 Chain are made of special-high quality alloy steel
 6) Forged and heat-treated load hooks with safety latch.
 7) The lever hoist static test is 4 times of capacity, and Test load >= 125% of rated load.
 8) The lever block is of high efficiency, fast lifting and light hand pull.

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   Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
   A: We are trading company and factory
   Q: MOQ is?
   A: Our MOQ is one set
   Q: How can I get the after-sales service?
   A: The global service network is still in construction, but you can contact  with us if you have any question or need professional support. We will try to solve your problem in 24 hours, and arrange the delivery of spare parts in 48 hours.
   Q: How to pay for it?
   A: Generally, we used T/T: 30% as deposit and the balance will be paid before shipment. L/C is available according to actual conditions.
   Q: Is your products customized?
   A: Yes, because the working conditions are different, all our chain blocks and lever hoists are customized depending on detail requirement! So if you give us  more information about the lift capacity, span, lift height, power source and other specials, we will give you a very quick quote!