VL type 6 Ton lever block/lever hoist/lever chain hoist

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Lever hoist is a multifunctional manual lifting and pulling machine which is easy to carry. It is capable of being applied to electricity, mines, shipbuilding, constructions, transport, postage and telecommunication for installing equipment, lifting goods, pulling mechanical parts, tightening fittings of wires, assembling and welding etc. It is especially suitable for pulling things in narrow places and working high above the ground in the open air at different angles.

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1. Safe, reliable, and durable in use.

2. Excellent performance and minimum maintenance.

3. Small volume, light weight and portable in size.

4. Light hand pull and high efficiency.

5. Advanced structure and attractive appearance

Product Description


1.5 ton

Test load(ton)


Standard lifting height(m)

1.5 meters

No of load chain


Diameter of load chain(mm)







 1.TUV certificate

 2.Load chain: Black G80 chain, 20CrMn

 3.Hook: Deep Forged, High alloy steel

 4.Gear: High standard Gear steel

 5.Cover: 45# steel

 6.Surface treatment: Powdercoating

 7.Longer life span

Picture of 1 ton lever lifting hoist

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